Here at Zonkey we are all about WordPress, it is a platform that we have worked with for many years, and we have seen various updates and changes introduced which give the user an enhanced experience, increasing functionality and improving security.

The next major update is due this coming November, when WordPress moves on to version 5.0!

The biggest change with v5.0 is the introduction of Gutenberg, the new block-based editor that replaces the old WYSIWYG editor.

So, what exactly is Gutenberg, and how will it affect my site?

As said, Gutenberg is a block based editor that will bring a more up to date drag and drop experience to creating new pages and posts. Blocks consist of such things as text, headings and images, which you can insert and rearrange

All this sounds great, but it can have an impact on your site depending on the theme and plugins used. Whilst the update may not “break” your site, it could clash with your theme and layout, making things a little “interesting”.

It is very tricky to know exactly how your site will be effected, and the real test is to turn on the new editor and see.

Naturally to do this on a live site could cause you a headache, and so here at Zonkey we are ready to work with you to ensure your site gets updated, works and looks as it should, and thus benefits from the increased functionality and security that WordPress v5 with Gutenberg brings.

How to update to WordPress v5 and Gutenberg.

As with any major update, WordPress v5.0 and Gutenberg needs to be approached properly so as to minimise risk and downtime.

  1. A full backup of your site should be taken, and this can be used to create a clone or staging site. This is a site held on a separate server away from the public.
  2. The updates are run on the staging site and evaluated. Issues are then addressed and plugins brought in to line so that all functions as it should.
  3. The updated site is reviewed by you to make sure all is well.
  4. When ready, the new site is copied across to live.

All sites vary in theme and plugins used, and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but this approach will guard against the update causing your site to break or go down.

Of course, you could simply put off the update, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”, however, updates do address security issues, and it is always wise to keep things up to date to guard against your site being hacked.

In truth you shouldn’t avoid the update, but planning and executing it safely is key.

WordPress v5 with Gutenberg is going to keep us busy for a while, but a little forward planning and your site can be up to date without the risk of downtime.

We are here to help!

Zonkey is ready to help keep your site up to date, contact us now for more information.